We Still Talk About Jesus

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We still talk about Jesus. This guy has been dead for two-thousand years. Jesus Christ Superstar, (JCSS), illuminates his significance and celebrity status in ancient Israel. This creates a parallel to our current generation. We live in a state of constant inundation of celebrity worship. There are always hordes of people jumping on the next big celebrity or band or whatever is new and exciting. Why would Jesus be any different? Not only was he a god figuratively, but he really was THE Son of God. Realities were shattered, people had a hard time wrapping their brains around his biology, and naturally all kinds of people came out of the wood works. This film brings a human element to the whole story. Commonly biblical stories are told with a goal in mind, to teach people about the word of God and the works of Jesus, and how to parley that into how you should conduct yourself daily. We (collectively, outside of seminary students and religious figures and fanatics) look at the story as a whole. This film breaks down the story into individual novellas. The characters are of two minds, they are complex and conflicted. The masterful lyrics provide insight into the individual struggles as well amplify the buzz that was Jesus. JCSS has an amazing cast, with distinctly poignant characters, all of which want something from Jesus. Simon the Rebel was one such fan as he sings: …you 're easily as strong As the filth from Rome who rape our country,
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