We Still Trust : The Issue Of American Capital Punishment Essay

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In God We Still Trust: The Issue of American Capital Punishment in Light of Christianity In American courts that strive for justice, the idea of justice through retribution aligns with logic. For example, if somebody is guilty in a car accident, they are expected to pay the repairs. However, issues arise when one attempts to offer repairs for the damage caused by murder. How does one offer monetary retribution for a life? Despite America’s measurement-obsessed society that places a price tag on every aspect of life, can a death be quantified to bring justice? Due to this discrepancy, the idea of capital punishment arose millenniums ago, and despite its violent nature, the penalty still exists in American justice systems today. While, logically, the life of a murderer may seem an equal tradeoff for the life of the victim, morally and socially this approach complicates matters. Is this approach not just fighting fire with fire, resulting in greater harm than peace? Even more troubling, these state-administered murders directly contradict the teachings of many religions that teach the right to life. To best align with Christianity, capital punishment should be virtually unpracticed except in extraordinary cases when no other alternative can protect the common good. Capital punishment’s application must be limited since the death penalty directly contradicts the Christian doctrine and beliefs that emphasize an innate, God-given right to life. By “creat[ing] man in His image”

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