`` We The Animals `` By Justin Torres

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You can be born free, you can die free, you can be free your entire life, and you still may never feel that you are as unbridled as you should be. In our lives, we each face our own confinements. Whether they be a job we hate, someone we cannot untangle ourselves from, or a family that, in meaning to hold us close, holds us down. In the novel We The Animals by Justin Torres the reader faces the freedom, desperation, and internment of Ma. Ma is the matriarch of the household. She raises three young boys whilst also raising herself. At many points in the book, she attempts to set herself free, but ultimately always finds her way back into the prison she calls home. She and the infamous character Daisy Buchanan- of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald- seek their own, personal sense of freedom through their protective nature over their respective children, the way they ignore the problems they face, and the way they both seem to try and reach outside of the cages they inhabit. Some say that knowledge is power, but Ma decides that she doesn’t want the narrator, a character referred to only as ‘Me’, to access that power too early. In the chapter titled “The Lake," Torres addresses the fact that Me doesn 't know how to swim. He needs to hold onto his mother 's back, and she will then hold onto Paps’ back. She often tells Paps “Not so far” but he continues to “push on, smooth and slow, and the shore behind would stretch and thin and curve, until it was a wooded crescent
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