We Were One By Patrick K. O ' Donnell

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1. In as few words as possible, what is this book about? The book is called “WE WERE ONE” written by Patrick K. O’Donnell, a historian that wanted “…to do something, and in some small way, out of patriotism, make a difference.” (pg. 219, O’Donnell.) He wanted to record the stories of those fighting in the Battle of Fallujah, but to do so he experienced the battle shoulder to shoulder with the Marines. The author of this book starts off by explaining how Lima Company’s First Platoon started. Fresh new boots out of the SOI (School of Infantry) that were trained to fight in combat as well as open up to each other and create wonderful bonds with one another. After training, they were finally sent to AFG where they spent months patrolling and…show more content…
They weren’t capturing the real thing. O’Donnell on the other hand, he stayed with the Marines every step of the way. Marines fought, they got injured, some even died and fell in front of him, but he never backed away. 4. Did you learn anything new? If so what? During boot camp, we were taught about the Battle of Fallujah, but after reading this book, I was able to understand so much better. I was able to picture their tactics, strategies, their emotions, and why the Marines were called the “Greatest Generation.” 5. Which part of the book did you find most interesting? This question is honestly the most difficult to answer. The entire book was intriguing from start to finish. I would say that what I liked the most about this book is all the pictures he placed on there. He captured every image with so much meaning. It is as it’s said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I got to see the faces of the fellow heroes in Fallujah. 6. Did this book inspire you to want to do more research on the subject? Why? Why not? This book got me interested in the citations of the marines in 1st platoon. I would also like to know if the author got injured during the battle. The battle itself is very tragic and horrible, but just knowing how these men had each other’s back was enough for me to want to their about their backgrounds. 7. Would you recommend it to a friend or another Marine? Why? Why not? I would definitely
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