We Were Outside The Park Waiting For Deborah

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We were outside the park waiting for Deborah to arrive. “Call her again,” Frank said. I called her again, but she had arrived at the same time. “Finally you decided to arrive” Gabe had said “I’m sorry I was sleeping” Deborah responded with “ of course you were.” He said “I WAS!” “Alright, anyways you guys ready to go” I said “Are you sure you want to go there; I mean ….” Deborah said before I cut her off. “You shouldn’t have come then if you don’t want to go.” We went into the forest outside was chilly but that was usual fall weather. The leaves on the tree had already began to change color, there wasn’t a green leaf in sight. As we took each step we could hear the crushing of the leaves under our feet. I could hear Deborah’s heaving breathing, she always over reacts for everything. I looked down on the floor and I saw something shinning back at me. It was circular and silver and something was compelling me to pick it up. But then Frank came over and he saw it. “Oooh what’s that? It’s so shiny” he said as he picked it up. It looked like a button that had belonged to some kind of jacket. “Hey, I want to see it,” I said. But then he began to change his direction and walk away from the rest of us deeper into the forest. We went after him, but he was being oddly silent. He was probably just fascinated by the button I thought. As we walked Deborah began to calm down but she began to talk more. “this is just a normal forest I don’t get what the big deal is with it anyways. It
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