We Were Soldiers : Movie Review : We Were Soldiers

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We Were Soldiers was created to show the brotherhood and for the audience to see that soldiers are fighting for the man next to them. The movie screened in 2002, making it a recent post 9/11 film. With the motive for the movie to give America a sense of support and passion for the soldiers of the Vietnam war. In other words, giving the American people a reason to re-think the reaction of the public on the Vietnam soldiers and the lack of support for their victory and return. Attempting to push for major military support as the United States heads into Iraq to go against another enemy on foreign soil. Successfully helping gain major support for the troops, as well as redefining the reaction of the Vietnam efforts.

The civilian discontent with the war was parallel with the increasing number of American deaths. The only way the Vietnam war could have possibly been supported is if not a casualty was recorded. But as war is commonly known for, that scenario is highly unlikely. Therefore, anti-war movements and disdain for the conflict in Vietnam was at an all-time high. In the movie We Were Soldier, the wives of the soldier’s band together and work to overcome their spouses war. With the reports of deaths and the constant news pouring in over the radio and television, it became increasingly harder for the wives to understand and support the war. However, just with the women coming together, they could defeat many other issues as well. For instance, one of the baffled women
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