We are Immigrants at a Community College

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As a immigrant and a community college student, I enjoy changes and challenges. I wish to transfer to a four-year research university to study in a more challenging and diverse academic environment. College of Art and Science at University of Pennsylvania will be a great fit for me because of its academic rigor and liberty, premier Ivy League education, and vast research opportunities. Benjamin Franklin is my hero. I sincerely admire his versatility. His contributions on electricity is remarkable. Moreover, his bravery in his kite experiment always motivates me to concentrate on my research, never deterred by any potential danger. I wish to develop my personal qualities at Penn and the inherit Benjamin Franklin’s spirit and philosophy. Academically, I look forward to attending an institution where I can personalize my education. College of Art and Science at Penn resonates with my educational goals. The College Curriculum satisifies my desire for well-rounded higher education. I can flexibly decide my class schedule and learn across disciplines. I can study a wide range of art and science knowledge and broaden my horizon. While discovering the fundamental principles of nature, I can enjoy the beauty and charm of humanity and art. This general and specialized education, like the Penn student Kramar who speaks in the video, enables me to integrate creative art into my scientific research to better understand the pattern of microscopic world and ignite lot of innovative ideas.

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