We 're Flying By Peter Stamm

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In the fall semester, I started reading short stories again. I had not done so in a while, and it started when my friend lent me his copy of Nine Stories by J.D Salinger. I had read some of them in high school, but after reading them again with addition of the others, I was inspired to write short stories. Writing a book seemed too daunting, especially when I did not know how to write one or how to start. I figured writing short stories was the best way to start. While volunteering at the library, when shelf reading and organizing the books, I would pick out collections of short stories and read them. Recently, I read We’re Flying by Peter Stamm and Shadow Show by an assortment of writers. I took this class in order to learn how to write creatively. I have always been writing, because I enjoyed it, but I did not know if I was doing it ‘correctly.’ I did not know how to shape my ideas and thoughts into the form of a story. Also, I thought what I wrote had to be perfect on the first attempt, but I have learned from this class otherwise. Never having the opportunity to take writing classes or art classes in my youth, I thought that if what I created was not perfect, I just did not have the talent for it. My ideas entirely contrast with those of the younger version of me. I took this class because I could learn and work at it. I enjoyed the short story collection Shadow Show written by numerous writers in honor and in celebration of Ray Bradbury. In one of the writer’s

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