We 've Done Our Force Field Analysis Essay

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Total: 14 Total: 12 Once we 've done our Force Field Analysis, we can use it in two ways: • To decide whether or not to move forward with the decision or change. For example, Victor and management want his employees to be descent jokers and overcome his problems of three members of staff who are making trouble. • To think about how we can strengthen the forces that supports the change and weakens the forces opposing it, so that the change is more successful. Such as in the diagram the change of force like Victor wants new skills, staff to be hardworking and so on which can weaken forces against changes that they come late or annoying their staff members in which how we can strengthen it. And through the ration we found in figure 14:12 we can find that forces for changes can be useful to overcome our problem by which Victor can come with possible change or decision which will be helpful for his company (986). 4. Generation of solutions After we have selected and defined a problem to work with, the next step in problem solving therapy is to identify possible solutions. We have come up with two different techniques that are Brainstorming and TRIZ (Theory of inventive problem solving – Russian “teoriya resheniya
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