We 've Got Your Back

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Brittany Watson Rhonda Limoges English 111 (l07) FA-2015 07 October 2015 We’ve Got Your Back “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”- T.H. Thompson. You see a lot when you finally hit the real world. The real world as people may say is not a good thing, but the real world to me is a good thing when I am doing something I love every day. People dread going to work and having to do their job, but for me I may dread waking up early but once I am at my job I give everything I have. I love what I do and I love helping others. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, you learn to have compassion, love, kindness, and a heart. You learn how to use it and to fulfill the needs of others. I remember the day I obtained my CNA, I could not wait to begin working. As I was sitting in English class in May 14th, 2007, I felt my phone vibrating, I was getting a call. I was listening to my teacher not thinking that maybe I should answer the phone, even though I did not recognize the number. As I asked my teacher if I could be excused and go out into the hallway so answer the phone. She kind of rolled her eyes so I just got up and walked out. When I answered, I said hello, I heard the guy on the other end start asking me questions. The question he was asking me first was just to make sure that he was talking to me. After making sure it was I on the phone he began by saying he was from New Hanover Regional Medical Center. I felt my heart drop and I was in shock. I began to shake and
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