Weaknesess of a Language Test

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Weaknesses As mentioned previously, the test did show some weaknesses in its design. One thing that should be mentioned is the weight of each competency. C1 has the required weight whereas C2 and Competency 3 Writes and produces texts (C3) do not meet the program requirement. Furthermore, if we add all these figures together, we arrive at 95% and there is no mention of the last 5% anywhere on the test. This proves to be a major flaw and can leave confusion when it comes the time to score the final results. We also found some weaknesses in the instructions concerning the length of each activity. The student’s booklet does not indicate how long test takers have to complete the reading as well as the oral interaction tasks. The only mention…show more content…
Moreover, this part would also have issues with face validity. By simply reading the instructions, the task does not have the appearance of only measuring the writing ability. Most importantly, the students’ perception of such validity issue might hinder them to perform in a way that reflects their real ability. We realize that teachers working for this school board had no choice but to use this instrument as is. We do not believe that the instrument should be disregarded, but given the chance to correct some of its weaknesses, we would consider using it. The first important thing we would address is the task dependency. We would revise the C2 reinvesting task in a way that it would not be included in the C3 task anymore. In that way all tasks would be completely dependent. Another example would be to further develop the C3 evaluation grid. We would include more than one criterion and each of them would be more detailed. This would help remove some of the subjectivity and help the measurement being more reliable from one scorer to the other. Another change would be to correct every spelling mistake found in the instructions. We also think that there is room for an actual oral test activity. Such task could have easily been placed in the instrument and would have provided students with an authentic sample of the target language. Our last point would be to correct the weight of each competency to be perfectly in accordance with the MELS program

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