Weaknesses And Strengths Of HonokaA Community History

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Honoka’a Community History
In the 1800’s Honoka’a was the home of plantation workers, however, today there are no longer any plantations located on the Big Island. What once was a community united through diversity, over time the challenges the community has faced have caused it to drastically change. While no industry currently exists on the Hamakua coast, the lack of job opportunities have caused distress among community members, leading to unemployment or the need to commute to distant locations around the island. The fight for jobs may have been a leading cause towards the lack of union throughout the community. This assessment was completed to find the strengths and weaknesses of the Honoka’a community in order to invoke an intervention to assist in uniting the community together once again.
The assessment was based on a geographical location of Honoka’a, Hawaii, incorporating the 2,258 residents that currently reside there (suburbanstats.org).
Assessments and Measures
When assessing the town of Honoka’a, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats worksheet was used to determine how the community functions, and also the Walk Around Guide had been used in order to get a deeper understanding of the history, development, organizations, and daily activities of members that live in the community currently.
Strengths. Although many changes have taken place over the years, there are leaders within Honoka’a that strive to support cultural

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