Weaknesses Of Alpen Bank

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This is analyzed from the case analysis that AlpenBank is having a lot of strengths which provides it competitive advantage over its competitor in the market of Romania. The bank has gained high recognition in the European and American countries which is its key strength for further moving in Romania. Moreover, it is also serving in the western area so it will not be difficult for bank to establish introduce credit card system in Romania. The vast experience of management in the banking industry is also considered as the key strength for Alpen Bank. Another major strength of Alpen is that bank is having loyal affluent customers which will help to enhance the sales of credit cards in Romania. Alpen Bank is working from last two decades
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So, this is essential for the management to overcome on these weaknesses in order to increase its strengths. This is assumed that Alpen bank is having lower customer base which is considered as its key weaknesses in this concern. First of all, this is observed that bank is currently depending on large number of foreign clients which are considered as the primary source of revenue for the bank. This is considered as the key weakness for the bank because bank is directly depending on the foreign clients in order to run its…show more content…
Many multinationals have utilized the benefits of these relations and penetrate the market of Romania. So, these multinational companies need of banking services and Bank Alpen can provide them premium level banking services which will be included with the issuance of credit cards. These large multinational goes through hundreds of financial transactions every day so they can play a significant role in the success of Alpen Bank in Romania. Therefore, these multinational organizations are also considered as the key political opportunities for

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