Weaknesses Of Google Inc

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1. A Case Study on Google Inc.

The main objective of this paper is to analyse the case study provided on Google Inc. “What is the corporate strategy” from a strategy as creativity perspective. Further it is required to demonstrate extensive academic reading of the recommended creative strategy literature, to analyse Google Inc. by applying creative strategy models and theory studied at classroom and finally to provide practical recommendations based on analysis and relevant literature on creativity.

2. History of Google Inc. & Current Situation

Google is now (2012) a global technology leader focusing on improving the ways people connect with information and they aspire to build products that improve the lives of people globally.
Founders of Google,
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This made google to acquire many patents and patent holding companies at a higher cost to nullify the possible threats from competitors.

However, very high bargaining power of Google due to its innovative patented products, continuous innovations and monopoly in the industry made them to succeed in their operation.

5. Strengths & Weaknesses of Google Inc.

Google has strengths such as proprietary search algorithm and thousands of patents, a distinctive competency, innovative culture and expertise-core competencies. technology and engineering expertise, strong financial position, income growth, margins, high search share and brand awareness.

Main weaknesses of Google are depending mostly on revenue from search advertising (89%), lack of strong share in non-search segments, lack of transparency and privacy disclosure, too many high risk ventures outside core competencies, etc.,

However, new opportunities such as increasing smartphone usage, multi-device use and access to internet, robotics, smart homes, increased use of social networking, cloud use, etc. would help google to excel in
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