Weaknesses Of Literature

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A bewildering number of research reports are published annually. The reports differ with regard to quality, comprehensibility, and relevance to practice (Mårtensson et.al, 2016). Furthermore, the studies may have multiple strengths and weaknesses depending on the research methodology they employ. Therefore, to establish a solid foundation for research on any subject and to prevent the replication of inaccurate information, it is essential that scholars critically evaluate the available scientific evidence (Mårtensson et al., 2016). The critical evaluation of philosophies or claims is crucial in the development of independent thinkers and informed decision-makers. It is the only way of distinguishing among differing claims of truths and determining the credibility or trustworthiness of different viewpoints. On that note, this essay seeks to analyze two pieces of literature that try to answer the question as to whether the stimulant use is related to positive academic performance among college students. In specific, the paper will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the two studies and discuss the factors, which influence evidence-based practice, with a special consideration of the PICO elements. Part A Hildt, E., Lieb, K., & Franke, A. G. (2014). Life context of pharmacological academic performance enhancement among university students - a qualitative approach. BMC Medical Ethics, 15(1), 23-23. doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-23 Authorship Hildt is an affiliate of the

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