Weaknesses Of Me: A Comparison Of Top Five Strengths

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In class there was a survey we had to take that would tell us about our top 5 strengths. Even though the test was very long I was able to learn alot about myself. The top five strengths that were given to me are futurististic, deliberative, significance, achiever, and responibility. Out of those five I chose three because those are the strengths that resembles me the most. My first strength was futuristic, in the strengthsquest quiz it was very accurate because I am the type of person who always think about the future. Since a young child I always would think ahead of the years , months and days which I will always strive to meet them. Everything I do is for a positive outcome , I sometimes think about the future so much I start to hold myself accountable at a high rate on and off the court, On the basketball court I give it my all because I have big goals to be a professional and the only person who can stop me is me, so i refuse to have a setback because knowing I didn't take care of business and that’s putting me a step behind to reach my goals.…show more content…
I've received tons of scholarships in my high school career but when it came down to choosing a school it was very tough for my parents and I. It was a very stressful process but this is what I’ve worked so hard for.My last strength was responsibility which is probably the best strength of me. Being responsible takes a lot of ownership of they say they are going to do. It's a takes a lot of maturity to be responsible , a lot of people will be able to trust you and depend on you for many things and expects you to be accountable and be a man of your
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