Weaknesses Of Nixon's Paranoia

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The author demonstrates President Nixon’s paranoia vividly. Another lesson learned is that presidents Clinton and Nixon are considered to be more politically cunning and knowledgeable than the other presidents reviewed, however, the two did not master their personal weaknesses. For instance President Nixon eventually had to resign due to his role in the Watergate scandal. President Ford who was the first unelected president in US’ history and he is praised for the role he played of restoring the public’s faith in government. Nixon is also described as a great historian with a great foresight. It is Nixon who is credited with shaping America’s foreign policy that ensured the US became a world leader and helped create peace with other world powers,…show more content…
He cared more about the impact of an idea rather than the intellectual characteristic of the idea. He is even praised by one Thatcher, a respected leader of her time as having good ideas (Gergen, 2002). The authors describes Clinton as one of the smartest presidents but who did a lot of dumb things. He was the president of contradictions. The author draws a lot of parallels between presidents Nixon and Clinton by calling them as most gifted presidents of the previous thirty years. Al were bright, educated and politically smart but loved power too much. Nixon, with all his failings is demonstrated as the best strategist president since presidents Eisenhower and Wilson. On the other hand Clinton is painted as one who great tactically (Gergen, 2002). The authors demonstrates the politics of capitol hill, the importance of the office of the president to political and economic development of US. Furthermore the author illustrates the power struggles and that it takes more than the good qualities of a leader for one to make successful president. It also takes the blessing of the powerful powerbrokers of Washington, DC. The author illustrates, the challenges he had a staffer to the presidents and his devotion to the national interest and his
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