Weaknesses Of O & M

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3.1. Strength
The Strengths of the company O&M are-
• Global presence in the market: 500 offices in 126 countries
• Its Manpower
• Good reputation for the quality of work to corporate
• Brand Equity
• Large number of mergers and acquisitions for expansion
• Biggest Brand name in the advertising world
• Strong distribution channel all over the world
Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) has the global presence in the markets. It has the largest marketing communication network. It services 500 companies along with local businesses with its global network comprised of 500 offices in 126 countries.
The company has unique style and known for its creativity i.e. innovation. In 2012, at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, O&M was the first French agency
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O&M moved to interactive brand communication from static brand awareness to reach out the dark market, low income consumer. It brought out the revolution in Indian marketing that provided the way to reach out the rural audience. Through this revolutionizing step O&M gained lot of respect, within as well as outside the industry.

3.2. Weakness

There are some weaknesses in O&M:

• Its pricing strategy
• Old school concept of Advertising method
• Limited market share
• Limited geographic penetration

It uses old school concept of advertising method. Second, pricing strategy practiced at Ogilvy and Mather is one the weakness that the company has. It charges high premium on its products. The pricing strategy of Ogilvy and Mather is supposed to be high with creativity and best in quality. It practices skimming strategy to set the prices.

Due to the presence of many competitors, O&M has the limited market share. Also it has the limited geographic penetration.

3.3. Core Competency and Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages that the company has are as following:

 First mover advantage: the company was the first to set up divisions for Public relations, Business-to-business, Event management, direct marketing, Outdoor and rural outreach.

 Public relation: the company has the ability to reach specific groups and strong
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