Weaknesses Of Ocean Cosmetics

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You need to do a SWOT analysis of Ocean Cosmetics. You need to make sure to explain the points of your SWOT.
SWOT Analysis:
Strengths and Weakness:
Ocean Cosmetics products contain protected and normal natural ingredients. This is a decent offering point for clients who are worried about cruel chemicals. What's more, the products don't contain lanolin to which a few people are unfavorably susceptible. The products have wonderful aromas, as well. Ocean Cosmetics skin care cream additionally has a history that is connected to a before effective cream, Farm Hand Cream. Another quality significant is Ocean Cosmetics’s solid relationship with a noteworthy supplier, Sage Shipping. Whenever joined, these components have achieved products that
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Burt's Bees has the benefit of using every single natural product yet can offer a wide range of things that are sound and stylish. Further, Ocean Cosmetics’s conveyance and marketing are frail. Its products are sold in just a couple of outlets in one US area, the Northwest. Another worry identifies with Carol's capacities to grow her business. In the event that she chooses to accentuate development as an objective, the business could do well. In any case, then again, she has no past encounters (and maybe no instructive foundation) with overseeing development. These weaknesses are frequently connected with little, new ventures like Ocean Cosmetics. Another weakness is that Carol does not presently have a patent on her cream. At last, despite the fact that Carol's relationship with Sage Shipping can be consider a quality, it can likewise be a weakness if, for instance, Sage were to close and leave Ocean Cosmetics without a supplier for a significant number of its ingredients and compartments. Given different sellers exist for makers of skin care products, Ocean Cosmetics would have the capacity to distinguish different suppliers yet it would be a tedious…show more content…
These conditions enable the productive substance to create a bigger number of offers or prevalent edges than its competition. In this sense, the Ocean Cosmetics has a competitive advantage of safe products for users with natural ingredients. This point is good for selling point of view of the company’s products to a large group of customers who have great concerns of harsh chemicals. As most of the Ocean Cosmetics’ products do not contain allergy causing compounds, so it is also a competitive advantage of the company to cause an increase in company’s products. Furthermore there is a good and strong relationship between major suppliers Saga Shipping which also make sure a good supply of products in the markets. So combining all, it is good for the company. Regarding sustainable competitive advantage it is known that a sustainable competitive advantage happens when an organization procures or builds up a quality or mix of ascribes that enables it to outflank its competitors. These ascribes can incorporate access to natural resources or access to exceptionally prepared and skilled faculty human resources. It is an advantage and must have some life; the competition must not have the capacity to do it immediately, or it is not sustainable. So in this sense, Ocean Cosmetics have some sort of
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