Weaknesses Of Our Infrastructure Created By Cyber Threats

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Weaknesses in our infrastructure created by cyber threats
1. Technology infrastructure that holds the vulnerabilities.
2. Examples of previous exploitation and specific software’s
3. How these issues can be addressed?

In almost every application of modern infrastructure, technology plays a huge part in running and maintaining said infrastructure as efficiently, precisely and reliably as possible. Traffic lights run on automated cycles, airports have their booking and flight data entirely digitized, and water treatment systems rely on computerized controls and systems. All of these and many more are pieces of infrastructure that had once been done by hand, but now use computers and technology to operate at the rates vital for our fast moving and massive societies. It can be said with great certainty that the computerized systems behind many of our societies support structures have intrinsically become what we define with the title of “critical infrastructure.” The problem with the otherwise efficient and superior implementations of computerized technology is that now, in the wake of programs such as STUXNET, it is incredibly apparent that this infrastructure is vulnerable. For any number of reasons or motivations, terrorist or criminal hackers are able to find ways in to the computerized systems of critical infrastructure, and as we move forward, these vulnerabilities could easily turn into catastrophic disasters. Computerized technology has become integral to modern…

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