Weaknesses Of Rodi Realty

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In Rodi Realty, the employees are multilingual, thus meaning they are able to connect with a wider audience. They also have family and friends that volunteer to “letter drop”. The act of letter dropping can potentially increase audience as these volunteers take the opportunity of dropping off letters regarding bills and notices to promote the real estate by putting flyers into resident’s letterboxes. Furthermore, a large factor that makes Rodi realty a competitive real estate is that they are on most popular property sites like Domain and Realestate.com which can serve as a medium to promote the business at a wider range of individuals.
A possible weakness to Rodi would be their ability to use technology. Employees in Rodi Realty are not efficient
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They excel in their advertising as they advertise their services on social media and local newspapers as well as through flyers and posters. These real estates are also on large online sites; The Domain and realestate.com which are one of Australia’s leading multi-platform property industry destination. Furthermore, these big real estates have outstanding technological skills and are very up to date with the newest technological advancements which contribute to the expansion of their business to a wider audience. Additionally, these real estates are franchises which allow them to gain a wider audience because these franchises already have a set of loyal customers which can act as advertisers to expand the business. Due to the fact that these big franchises value advertising, a large portion of their income is used for advertising and royalty. Consequently, these franchises will have to increase how much they charge customers. The higher property management fee may deter customers from using their services and go to a non franchise real estate for a cheaper property management fee. A possible weakness to these big real estates is due to the fact that they’re a franchise. This restricts them from being creative and unique because they must comply to franchise

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