Weaknesses Of Walmart

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Strengths • The market position of Walmart is very strong in the United States and in the other countries • The data mining system of Walmart is IT based • The reputation of Walmart is very strong • The marketing capabilities of Walmart are effective Weaknesses • The inbound logistics of Walmart • Walmart is multinational but its stores are limited in the world • The IT system of Walmart is expensive • Legal issues and the recession problems Opportunities • The economy of the United States is developing • The customers prefer the lower cost products and services • Walmart has the opportunity to promote the labor laws and green environment • Walmart has the opportunity to sell the products online Threats • The logistics are cheaper • Taxes…show more content…
Different tasks are included in the value chain process of the Walmart. Primary and secondary activities of Walmart are considered in the value chain process. The primary activities include the essential process of the Walmart whereas the secondary activities provides support to the secondary activities. In the primary activities, all the main process has shown, where as in the secondary activities all the supporting actions in the primary activities are evaluated (van Duijn et.al, 2016). 2.2 Environmental audit of Walmart Political factors • Walmart helps the country in providing jobs and the customers has the facility of the products of Walmart • The government of every country supports the Walmart because it provides the products at the discounted price • Walmart required the large amount of capital for the development of the new store Economical factors • The customers are attracted more towards the economic goods • Walmart helps to provide the welfare support and incentives to the employees • The technology helps the Walmart in the reduction of the cost and the Walmart provide the efficient
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