Weaknesss And Competitive Strengths Of Mcdonalds

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McDonalds has many competitive strengths, not only because it is such a large and well known brand but it also adapts its services and image to fit in with current social trends, for instance adding more fruit and salads into its menus to help promote a healthier image.
Mcdonalds is a business and like any businesses they are going to try and do all they can to better their competitors and attract as many customers as possible.
One of McDonalds main competitive advantages over other fast food restaurants is the variety of food and services that they offer. Not only do they offer burgers but they also offer wraps, salads, breakfast and have cafes in their restaurants. This means there is always something for someone hence expanding their potential customer pool.
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Forbes has ranked McDonalds as the most popular fast food restaurant with “18,710 international restaurants”, this is a commanding lead with KFC coming second with “11,798 international restaurants”. Recently McDonalds have been trying to change their brand by promoting a healthier and more home grown product, also by changing their advertising strategy. They have done this by highlighting their own strong values and trying to connect more with people’s emotions “McDonalds shift in its advertising now places focus on human qualities and emotion” rather than focusing their advertisement only on their product “seven years ago McDonalds was using its adverts to promote and sell its products. Its’s products took centre stage” Not only that there are over “35000” stores worldwide in over “100” countries, this means that everywhere you go you see McDonalds restaurants and McDonalds advertisement, this ingrains their image and brand into your

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