Wealth And Income : The American Society

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Wealth and income come in diversity and variability in the American society. Each individual has its own value of wealth and income in life. Certain individual goes through struggles and problems multiplies times in life. There is the lucky individual who does not, go through any struggles and problems. The American 's dream life is not as simple as a society think it is. The chance for the poor and working class society to be on the same level as the upper class society is less than one percent. First of all, the player that luckily chosen for me, was a wheel-barrow. For instance, my value of wealth and income as a wheel-barrow was $125.00. I am poor individual who, was not fortunate to have a large amount of money. I am supposed to climb myself up to be more fortune. The feelings I felt during the game was unhappy and penniless. To be specific, the little money I had at the start, disappeared at the moment I rolled the dice. Each time I earned money, I had to give up my money due to my debts. During the game, three of the players felt happy; however, the shoe player felt unhappy due to no money and overdue debt. For instance, as it was stated “…proof that there is not equal opportunity in the United States is simple and irrefutable…” (Heiner: 30). The three players were fortunate to have money, which it was easy for them to live the game life. The shoe player struggled with money and life throughout the game. Players fortunate with little money and no money were angrier
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