Wealth And The Race

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For answering the statement of wealth inequality, I offer a metaphor. Imagine a marathon race and the runner with the blue shirt is ahead but losing ground to the red shirt. If one were watching this marathon race and wanted to know how the current positions came to be, one would begin at the start of the race. The same is just as applicable for a different race, one where there isn’t a finish line but has racers; this race is one about the difference of the accumulation of wealth in the 21st century. In this wealth race no mile is more or less relevant to the overall success of the race. As we’ll see, the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries all play a part in how wealth is accumulated. Political Economists might call these economic and social terrains of the track and desire of winning the race, as Social Structuctures of Accumulations (SSA). As the United States progresses from its infancy to the technological revolution each step of the way blacks not only are at a disadvantage compared to their white counterparts, they are also exploited “ethically” through each SSA to excel the wealth of whites or those in power.

The beginning of the marathon in America would be following the failure Articles of Confederation and creation of the better known Constitution. This supreme law of the land was not passed without controversy. With regards to blacks, the Constitution made them property to their white owners, and it considered them three fifths of a person. The three fifths…
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