Wealth Plays a Huge Role in the Book, ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by F. Scott Fitgerald

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A) John T. Unger is the protagonist of ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz’, he shows us through his eyes as an outsider to both Washington Estate and the world of eminence wealth to be a whole. He helps us understand as he’s trying to escape from Braddock, the antagonist of the story, and the obsession of wealth that plays a very big part in the story. The reason why Braddock is the antagonist is because he tries to steer Unger into being fully obsessed with wealth which is what Fitzgerald tries to show that the world is largely obsessed with the idea of wealth and fortunes. Braddock also is shown as inhuman because he doesn’t think anything about imprisoning and/or murdering people that happen to be his competitors and stand in his way of…show more content…
F) He raises no questions from me with this story and he gives great detail, understanding, and realization of what our world has come to when wealth becomes the main priority instead of faith in one’s religion.

Babylon Revisited
F Scott. Fitzgerald
Kaley Witwer

A) Charlie Wales is the protagonist and actually a very unusual type for Fitzgerald. He’s a ‘recovering’ alcoholic and has some dirty secrets. While he’s the protagonist he’s also his one antagonist because like the quote says ‘you are your own worst enemy.’ He still drinks, even if its one or two drinks, he still has tendencies to be self-destructive and that he doesn’t seem to give much thought about what he does, like when he left his brother-in-laws address for Duncan. Marion Peters is the other antagonist seeing as she is standing in-between Charlie and his daughter and that she also opposes him, but who wouldn’t at some points in the story.
D) Wealth, like in a lot of Fitzgerald’s stories, is a big part of the theme. He places ‘Babylon Revisited’ in 1930, right after the stock market crash. It shows that wealth can be destructive not only financially but also in other ways, an example is that Charlie use to be a wealthy man who insists that loosing his family impacted him more than the actual money loss. Alcohol is another big part of the story since Charlie insists he’s a recovering alcoholic but doubtfully is since he still drink one or two glasses a
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