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Analysis of Graphic Novel Persepolis

Persepolis is a graphic memoir which portraits Marjane Satrapi’s live when she was young and the lively recent history of Iran. Satrapi mentions the historic evolution, sexism and revolution of the citizen which happen in her childhood. She only used black and white in her graphics, which makes the memoir doleful, even there are graphics that appear happiness, it is being sarcastic or eventually turns out to tragedy. For instance, people are satisfied when the shah departs but they don’t know there would be a tempest coming soon after all and causing tons of deaths. (P.42,Persepolis) the effect of using black and white also intensify the horror of the tragic Iran history which is full of prejudice
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Poor young Iranian get brainwashing easily, they get seduce by the military by giving them a plastic key and deceive the young males that the key would lead them to the heaven which is a wonderland. Mrs.Nasrine one of the maid of Satrapi’s family, her son also get seduce by the “Paradise talk” because poor Iranian kids don’t get educate well like the wealthy kids do. “They gave this to my son at school. They told the boys that if they went to war and were lucky enough to die, this key would get them into heaven.” Mrs.Nasrine claimed (P.99,Persepolis) “First they convince them that the afterlife is even better than Disneyland, Then they put them in a trance with their sons…” Shahab claimed.(P.101,Persepolis) The message that Satrapi wants to bring out is the seduction of the “paradise talk” fascinate the poor youth and finally lead them to death. In summary, in this chapter “The key” Satrapi purposes the cultural conflict, the privilege of the wealthy Iranian and the brainwashing. Many Iranian against the ideological culture because they don’t want to follow the new rules which are
unreasonable to them base on their

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