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Weapons Accountability in the Military The history of weapons started centuries ago when cave people initially developed a weapon called a bow and arrow, for hunting purposes. They created this weapon from yew or elm for the bow and the arrow’s shaft, and used animal ligaments, or sinew to add tension to the bow. Archeologists have also found arrow heads made of sharp rocks and angled bones from different types of animals. These artifacts are all over the world displayed beautifully in museums to make new civilization realize the important role weapons have played in daily life. The next major improvement in weapons technology came from the Chinese civilization, the inventers of gun powder. Initially used for the purpose of demolition…show more content…
We seem to take it for granted that we’re going to have our weapon on us at all times. Here in a war zone, as much as in a survival situation back stateside, there will be many times when a soldier is not within arm’s length of his firearm. He might be working on a vehicle in the motor pool, or having a cigarette outside, or just hanging around his living quarters. At none of these times is his rifle likely to be in hand or slung behind his back. Another factor is that, despite the fact that we’re in a war zone, in this war at least, soldiers don’t fire their rifles too terribly often. Those of us in signal units certainly don’t. Most of the time, your firearm is less a weapon than a damned thing you have to carry around all the time. This leads to complacency. A soldier’s job type can be a distraction factor, too. My job description doesn’t have anything to do with shooting at people, and when I’m sitting in the TCF checking on link and reading mail, I don’t give my rifle a second thought. The same is true of most other soldiers; even combat arms soldiers lose track of their rifles when they’re working on vehicles, doing work detail, and so on. "Out of sight, out of mind." Survival situations can bring their own share of distractions, too. What does this teach us? Very simply, it teaches us that even in a place where you would think your weapon is the most important thing you

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