Weapons And Technology Advancements During Ww1

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Weapons and Technology Advancements during WW1 World War 1(WW1) introduced many different types of machinery and weaponry to the world. It was known to be the greatest enhancements technological warfare. It introduced many different types of machinery and weaponry to the world. Some examples would include the first models of tanks, machine guns, airplanes and aircraft carriers(History 1). As the war progressed in years, the weapons and machines got substantially better. These improvements contributed and influenced modern war tactics which in the end, results in an overall more deadlier war. Tanks provided a substantial difference during the war. It increased mobility on the battlefield and in due course broke the stalemate of trench warfare (WW1 Facts 1). The vast idea of the tank was constructed in 1915 by a British Army colonel named Ernest Swinton and William Hankey, a secretary of the Committee for Imperial Defense. The first tank prototype, Little Willie, was revealed in September 1915. It was a great advancement of war technology and inspired and influenced other countries to come up with their own models. But when Little Willie hit the battlefield, it turned out to be a complete bust. It struggled to terrain the trenches and would often get caught in them. It traveled very slowly and and quickly became overheated. Because of this, the British decided to make a newer and better tank known as “Big Willie”(History 1). It quickly became known across the world that other
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