Weapons Effect

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The present study examines the weapons effect while driving a motor vehicle. In order to carry out this experiment, the researchers used a driving simulator to assess driving habits while either a gun or a tennis racket was placed in the passenger seat. Previous research has shown that the weapons effect produced more aggression. Although this study provides further evidence that the presence of a gun can make individuals, specifically drivers, more aggressive, the research did not produce significant evidence. In addition, the research found confounding variables that were not discussed in this particular article. Lastly, participants may have been put in situations that may not be realistic. There have been many research studies that supports the weapon effect in naturalistic settings involving motor vehicles (Turner, Layton, and Simmons, 1975). However, I do not believe this study provides enough significant evidence. When examining the results about speeding, the mean speeds of participants driving with a gun in their car (M = 64.3 mph, SD = 2.9)…show more content…
According to Pew Research Center, 42% of people live in a household with a gun and about 26% of gun owners say that they carry their gun outside of home all or most of the time. This means that around 10% of Americans carry a gun with them outside of the the home (Igielnik and Brown, 2017). Although this number is high, most Americans do not carry a gun with them outside of the house. It is important to understand that the evidence from this article is important for gun owners to understand aggression while driving with a gun in the car. However, this article is not applicable to the majority of Americans. The researchers also told participants to drive as quickly as possible, and that the top two finishers would each receive a $25 gift card, which created an incentive for participants to drive faster than the normally
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