Weapons Of Influence On The Fast Casual Restaurant Industry

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Weapons of Influence in the Fast Casual Restaurant Industry Elizabeth Smith, Christina Schmitzer, Celisa Jackson Mishal Patel, Erik Kuper & Rachel Kosetner MKT 402 at 10:30AM October 28, 2014 Weapons of Influence in the Fast Casual Restaurant Industry The fast casual restaurant industry is a relatively fresh concept that is growing quickly between fast food and casual dining options. Fast casual is becoming a popular choice for many individuals and families since it still offers relatively quick, inexpensive food with more customization and higher quality options. It is also a preferred choice as compared to fast food since many individuals are striving to eat more nutritious foods and live a healthier lifestyle. Since…show more content…
However, there are many other strategies that marketing managers could take advantage of to start influencing their customers to a greater extent. A new way reciprocity can be implemented in the restaurant industry is by sending out flyers on the web, via email and social media. Under this system, when customers walk into the restaurant with the flyer, they will be given a free menu item, such as a free drink or side. This again would draw customers into the restaurant for the free item and typically cause the customer to purchase extra food to go along with their “free item”. Social Proof The greatest evidence of social proof within the entire restaurant industry is the use of review sites such as Urbanspoon, Yelp, etc. These sites use credibility of the masses to reassure someone that others also tried and liked this restaurant. Chipotle is the king of the fast casual restaurant industry when it comes to the utilization of the social proof weapon. An example is their line layout. By ensuring that lines are always visible from the door, the principle of social proof is at work; if multiple people are in line for Chipotle, it must be worth buying. Though the Werther effect is based upon the idea that publicizing a suicide increases the imitation of this action (directly or indirectly), this effect can be utilized
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