`` Weapons Of Math Destruction `` By Cathy O ' Neil Essay

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Becoming Numbers No one thinks that they have an impact on the world. But everyone does; everyone is a number in some algorithm. Each one of us is turned into numbers and those stats become data and are used by scientists to either do good or in some cases, bad. The book “Weapons of Math Destruction”, Cathy O’Neil talks about the dangers of turning people into numbers and how people don 't even know that it is happening. A lot can go wrong when people are no longer people and they are turned into the just number. People could be placed in the wrong group because they went through a rough time for a short period, and that could ruin their lives, but computers only see numbers, not the person the number represents. Job interviews that should have happened, didn 't because the computer passed over them because of a certain number, not the actual person. A person could also be called in for a job because they may have seemed perfect, but they were the opposite of what they needed. And being in a certain area could then mean that a person is now associated with that group even though they never were. The scientist turns people into numbers so that they are easier to cataracts and target, even if those categories are unknown to the public and is causing harm. The idea of Big Data is not new. It is only new to most people who never thought about it until an article shows up when they scroll down their Facebook newsfeed. The history of Big Data goes all the way back to 18,000 BCE

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