Weapons Of Peace Analysis

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The Weapon of Peace is based on a warfare strategy that God has given to author, Reeni Mederos, in the midst of her own spiritual battles that brings personal experience and anointing in her writings to set the reader free. Reeni says that as Christians, our shoes of peace are the most neglected pieces of spiritual armor within the full armor of God mentioned in Ephesians Chapter 6. Satan has used our own battle strategies against us to wear us out. The Weapon of Peace is the first mini e-book (Volume 1) of many topics planned in Reeni's new Warfare Strategies from the Courts of Heaven series as she prophetically writes from the principles of the Courts of Heaven. Packed with revelation and self-helps to overcome Satan's strategies against…show more content…
The Bible says that we "perish for a lack of knowledge" and too many Christians are defeated and depressed because they have neglected this most vital and necessary weapon of war that is more overlooked than any other battle garment within the armor of God. Reeni will teach you how to silence the accusations of the enemy through the Weapon of Peace. You will learn behind the scene strategies of how to overcome the devils tactics against your life with a most unlikely weapon, The Weapon of Peace. Reeni has a keen prophetic insight into deep spiritual truths through the Word of God exercising the spirit of discernment with a gift to articulate the heart of God through her writing ability that makes it easy to read and quickens the heart with impartation from the Holy Spirit. In this mini e-book series, she empowers, encourages and releases new motivation to continue to fight the good fight of faith without suffering battle fatigue from needless casualties. Be inspired, recharged and challenged with new vision to lay hold of and fulfill your purpose and destiny in God. You will be able to reinforce your strength and do the things you love while letting God fight your battles for
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