Weapons Training by Bruce Dawe Essay

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‘Weapon’s Training’ By Bruce Dawe a) The poem begins with the connection word ‘And’ for emphasis and as an interruption to the soldiers. It is for the drill sergeant to interrupt the soldiers dazing and get them to listen to him. b) This poem is also called a dramatic epilogue. A dramatic epilogue is a one person piece of drama. ‘Weapon’s Training’ could actually be used as a drama piece as it is very dramatic. c) ‘I want to hear those eyeballs click..’ Click is the example of onomatopoeia. Is emphasis and it is creating a sense of fear among the soldiers. What the drill sergeant is actually saying with this is turn your heads quickly right so I can hear your eyeballs move in their sockets. He is being very serious and does not want…show more content…
l) The little yellows are the Vietnam people. The drill sergeant is dehumanizing their enemies. m) ‘Turning the key in the ignition’ is referring to having sex. The sergeant is referring to when they get home, if they harm themselves in battle they won’t be able to perform when they return home. n) The drill sergeant’s real purpose is to train the new recruits, to obey and to do as they are told in order to save their lives in war. o) Describing the Viet Cong as ‘rotten fish-sauce breath’ is once again dehumanizing the enemies. p) The drill sergeant says ‘worse luck’ because it is reinforcing that it unfortunately it isn’t a woman instead it’s a gun a war. q) Tripes are the lining of animal’s stomach. It is a type of offal. r) The overall message in this poem is a drill sergeant educating young soldiers and preparing them for the harsh reality of war. He is not playing ‘Mr. nice guy’, he is being tough and strict to give the soldiers no easy way out. s) The first initial impression we get of the drill sergeant is an intimidating, bully figure. t) The drill sergeant is homophobic, racist and sexist. My attitudes towards him are that he has a lack of respect in the way he educates the young recruits. The drill sergeant ridicules and dehumanizes others because of their race, gender and sexual
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