Weapons Used In WWI

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“This is a war to end all wars,” said American President Woodrow Wilson. War World I (WWI), aka the great war, was a war fought during 1914 and 1918 between Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States (Allies) against Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Archduke Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungary (Axis Powers). There were many weapons introduced in WWl like chemical weapons, armored vehicles, and machine guns that release multiple rounds in one pull of the trigger. One of the new weapons used in WWI was poison gas. Poison gas was first used by the french in 1914, they used them to fight against the germans. After the french the germans started to study it and we the first to use it in a big scale. They used chlorine gas caused irritation and aggressive sneezing. There are many types of poisonous gas like chlorine gas, phosgene (causes violent coughing, choking and eventually death), and Mustard gas (nearly odorless chemical that causes internal and external blisters for hours). The total amount of casualties for poison gases are 1,240,853 people and total deaths are 91,198 people. Another weapon introduced in WWI was the mini gun. This 1914 gun was special because it had the ability to shoot 400-600 small calibre rounds every minute. it was placed on a flat tripod. The bad thing…show more content…
The flamethrower was introduced in 1914 . During WWI the germans used the flamethrower the most but really only used two models. One model was called the Kleinflammenwerfer which was a lighter flamethrower so it was easier to carry around, it shot out pressurized air and nitrogen or carbon that made extremely hot steam oil. the second model was called the Grossflammenwerfer. the. Grossflammenwerfer was a larger heavier flamethrower that needed a team to carry. it used the same fuel as the Kleinflammenwerfer but is could shoot fire for forty seconds (which is a
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