Wear and Appearance of Military Uniform Essay

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The wear and appearance of soldiers in the United States Army are while in uniform should be neat. There should be no excess “things” in a person’s pocket but it should lie down flat. The person wearing the uniform should look neat and concise not drawing attention to themselves. Soldiers should look like a unit or group with everyone blending in not standing out because they look different. In the army it’s important to be part of a team and like teams that play basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball, wrestling, and even chess teams. It’s important to wear the same thing. It shows unity and togetherness. This is important in the armed forces especially because of what they do. In the army, marines, navy, and air force…show more content…
A female cannot have matted hair. It is not allowed at all. Matted hair includes dreadlocks and twisty styles that females can get done at the salon. Female soldier’s hair can not fall below the edge of their collars in Army Combat Uniform at any times. The hair on a female should not be lopsided or trendily cut. It should be neat and not lopsided at all. The wear of a female in the United States of America Army is the same in and out of uniform. So that means that even when a female soldier is off duty and in civilian clothes she can not wear hair styles not allowed in the Army Regulation six hundred dash one. Females can wear braids in a traditional, conventional, or moderate manner. The braids should be neat and not touch the bottom edge of the collar. The hair ties females use to put their hair up in buns should not be loud colors, be excessive, or distract from their uniform. Females are only allowed to put their hair up in a bun when their hair exceeds the bottom of the collar. This includes if a female is wearing a wig, extension, or braids. The wigs, extensions, and braids must be within guidelines and should be with being like the persons natural hair. Female’s hair styles should not interfere with the proper wear and use of military gear. It would be very dangerous and probably hazardous to the female’s health if she could not put on her ACH because her hair style was too bulky. Hair ties are only allowed for holding someone’s hair. It cannot be
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