Wearable Computers Are The Greatest Innovation Of Science

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Wearable Computers Wearable computers are one of the greatest innovation of science. Wearable computers are also called body-borne computers. It can be fitted on wrist, eyes or under the clothes. Its aim is to measure the human movements. When wearable computer attached to human body it records the experience faced by a human. Wearable computer 's main features are consistency and ability to multi task. It starts in 1800s, timepiece the first wearable was made by watchmaker Breguet for the Queen of Naples in 1810. As time goes the quality of wearable computer increased. There are four main segments of wearable technology : (1) HEALTH AND FITNESS BODY COMPUTERS:- Health-related wearable computers are…show more content…
Headbands or armbands provide feedback on calories burned, assisting a dieter with adjusting food consumption and exercise to achieve desired results. Sensing devices provide data on physical symptoms related to the wearer 's psychological state, assisting mental health providers. (3) INDUSTRY WEARABLE COMPUTERS: - The auto repair industry embraces wearable computers and uses body computers for many functions. A baseball cap clip-on allows a mechanic to view a schematic of an engine or parts assembly while working on the engine. Warehouse workers wear computer headsets that allow the worker to access data regarding product inventory. The data is delivered audibly, keeping the worker free to operate equipment and perform other functions. Wearable body computers for industry are built of tough materials and are lightweight, permitting a worker to wear a computer headband or wristband without distraction. (4) EMERGENCY WORKERS WEARABLE COMPUTERS :-Wearable computers increase safety for emergency workers. By wearing body computers, firefighters may be monitored by a supervisor who is alerted when a firefighter is reaching dangerous core temperature levels. Wrist-worn computers allow policemen, hospital staff and other emergency workers to communicate without interruption or having to use their hands to operate the devices. Other body computers contain integrated global positioning systems, providing the worker with safety through the ability to locate
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