Wearable Fitness Technology : Techmark

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With the rollout of the brand new Spectrum Band, TechMark has the unique opportunity to firmly establish itself in a rapidly growing market for wearable fitness technology. TechMark finds itself in the fortunate position as a large medical device manufacturer to leverage existing success and infrastructure when taking on this new endeavor. In addition to improvements in our margins and corporate structure, we feel this project will serve to deepen our relationship with consumers in a manner which signifies a major shift in the way a medical equipment company can interact with constituents.

TechMark has developed a reputation for delivering high quality medical devices to its customers in order to facilitate happier and healthier lifestyles. Thus far, this value proposition has served the company well; TechMark earns about 50% of its revenue from diabetes testing and monitoring equipment in addition to other product and services. At the same time, consumer preferences and the market in which we operate are constantly evolving; by remaining aware of this ever-changing business landscape, TechMark can remain ahead of the curve in order to favorably position itself for an uncertain future. In a market where consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious,TechMark finds itself in the perfect position to branch out and take advantage of new opportunities in order to both diversify our product line and grow our company. The Spectrum Band will allow users to sync information…
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