Wearing Make-Up Essay

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In the morning, I would always remember to apply make-up. I loved applying eye shadow, filling in my brows, and putting on a winged line. Make-up was like art for me. I used it to highlight my better features. It was a form of expression that I was able to apply on myself and present to everyone else. Wearing make-up also gave me confidence. Along with giving me confidence, it also helped me to approach others. Make-up covered the flaws that I saw on my face, which made me feel more comfortable knowing that people would not be staring at my pimples or eye bags. Those who are fond of using make-up probably know how I feel. A person wearing make-up can affect the way they feel, but can their make-up affect others around them? What are their first impressions of those who wear make-up? What are their impressions of those who wear make-up daily and suddenly saw them without it? Wearing a beauty product that can change the way a person looks, might also change the way others look at that person. People may say that a person is not comfortable in their own skin when they do wear make-up. For those who do not wear make-up, others may say that they should try wearing make-up. While observing and…show more content…
Make-up has been incorporated into their daily routine and it has become a routine for others to see them in make-up. To my subjects, being bare-faced took away their self-esteem. They felt like they had more confidence and beauty whenever they had make-up on. Since I also wear make-up, I had a similar attitude believing that it gave me the self-esteem that I do not have without make-up. This observation has helped me to recognize that natural beauty is something that we all forget about. Every person should be able to be comfortable in their own skin without wearing relying on make-up and realize that confidence comes from
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