Wearing Surveillance Cameras While On Duty

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Abstract Should officers be required to wear surveillance cameras while on duty? Officers in the united states should be required to wear surveillance cameras while on duty. In Michigan, the percentage of killing innocent citizens is 32.5 of every 100,000 in 2011. Many civilians feel that it is important that officers should be required to wear body cameras while on duty because they are killing innocent citizens for any typical reason. Officers every move should be watched while on duty to see what they are doing to citizens. In a couple years in the united stated all cities police forces will required to ear body cameras while on duty. If the law works together and fairly making sure officers are required…show more content…
During the investigation, Michael Brown friend was questioned since he was at the scene. It was said that incident began with the officer using quite few words with profanity with Michael. The officer used profanity to tell Michael to get out of the street. Officer Darren Wilson hit Michael with his car door, while trying to open it, then grabbed him by his neck. “Brandon Griggs, CNN” In the present not too many citizens were killed as much as in 2014. On November 18, 2014, in Portage, Indiana, Tiara Thomas, was shot and killed in front of her child by the father, officer Kevin Campbell. Officer Campbell was charged for murder. It was sad to hear that officer Campbell killed his own in front of the mother. The child must suffer and grow up knowing that his father killed his mother right in front of him. Officer Campbell was charged a couple days later. Office Campbell Campbell lost his privileges as a police officer when he pulled the trigger. Officer Campbell pulled the trigger because he owed Tiara child support and didn’t want to pay it. Campbell and Thomas argued couple hours before the incident how Campbell owed $1,495 on child support and how he spent it on other things. “Chicago tribune” “December 4, 2015, 3:36p.m.” The most recent killing was in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 19, 2015, an officer shot and killed a black male named Samuel Debose, a
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