Weather Forecast Research Paper

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Throughout this assignment I have learned that there are many things that go into making a weather forecast. I realized that it takes a lot of research to precisely forecast the high and low temperatures as well as the weather and surface features for each day. There are a variety of models to choose from for weather forecasting, but I have to figure out which one was best based on my atmospheric situation.
Due to the fact that I live in Missouri I found it difficult to use some of the methods due to the fact that the weather is constantly changing. I originally thought I could use the Persistence Forecasting Model, but then I realized that the weather changes to often for it to be the same each day. It would have been a better option if we
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So I began to look up the long-term average of weather conditions for each day in order to predict the weather for the given day. Most of the time it was pretty precise but it could have been better.
Out of the six models I found the Numerical Model to be the best choices when creating a forecast since it seemed to be the most accurate, due to the fact that it measures uses calculations and takes into consideration the pressure, temperature, winds, humidity, clouds and precipitation. Out of all the numerical models I chose to specifically use the North American Mesoscale model (NAM) because it was specific for my atmospheric situation.
Despite using the models for forecasting, I learned you have to take into consideration the different surface features including the different types of fronts and pressure systems.
Overall, I have learned that being a meteorologist is not the path for me. The different models of forecasting are all very different and often hard to read. It takes a lot of time and patients to look through all the different models and understand them. I am a type of person who likes immediate answer and rather than having to go through multiple steps to figure out one
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