Weavetech Case Summary

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Downsizing or layoffs at a company, whether it is in WeaveTech or any other company have its legal risks that are associated with the exercise. The potential legal risks associated with the downsizing situation would be discrimination, such as how to select the employees that will be laid off (Benn, Dunphy, & Griffiths, 2014). This could bring about discrimination claims as some of the employees may argue that they were terminated because of their gender, age, race among others. Also, there could be legal issues if the WeaveTech did not give a sixty-day notice since it has more than a hundred employees as this is a requirement by the law under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). Other legal issues that could get WeaveTech…show more content…
It is imperative to talk about and recognize the company's position as this is the first step to keeping people involved so as to solve the problem they are facing (Reib, 2012). Fill In Information Gaps for the Employees Employees will be able to cope with layoffs as the management has provided prior necessary information such as sharing of market data and competitive information. All information should be made available to the workers instead of the management, acting as if all things are ok. Offer information as it is instead of sparing the staffs the bad news. Most employees want the bad news first rather than explaining to them issues about competition, market forces, or the financial environment (Rothaermel, 2015). The organization should not delegate the pain in the human resource office; instead, all managers should be mandated to handle the situation as most employees are loyal to their managers first then the company. The managers will be able to deliver the information in person. This will create a sense of respect to the…show more content…
Each employee, whether a manager or a subordinate employee will have to face the changes that occur at WeaveTech and they should be prepared to face the change so as to focus on achieving the company's goals and objectives. Employees will be able to manage the change on a personal level, which the management will be able to do so on an organizational level. ADKAR model provides a platform for a new philosophy, innovative models for change and fresh frameworks and mechanisms that will enable the even execution of the preferred change (Coghlan, Rashford, & de Figueiredo,
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