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Web 2.0/Applications Edgar Coriano CIS/207 July 18, 2015 Charles Jacks Embracing Web 2.0 and Applications That Change the World Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is the internet that allows correspondence between people, companies, and countries. The initial stages of the internet allowed users to receive information from one aspect that was to receive. Web 2.0 allows for data to transfer from the sender to the user and vice versa. Technology today requires companies to open the channels of networking and social media to survive. Web 2.0 has generated consumers that raise the bar for companies expecting to satisfy the customer. The author states, "Web 2.0 also represents opportunities for those who understand and master…show more content…
Google Maps I wanted to start by honoring Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google In my opinion, Google revolutionized the world and remains my top search engine. It is innovation at its best. Today Google continues to push the envelope by providing extraordinary services we use every day such as Google Maps. (Lauden, K. C. and Lauden, J. P 2013, p.147) Google Maps provides GPS navigation services to people around the world. Navigation is an important part of travel. SocialMiner This application developed by Cisco is proving to be valuable in raising the bar for customer service issues. The author states, the application, can observe and retain other conversations located in different social networks and analyze the data. It allows the company to anticipate issues through listening to trends and complaints. This allows the company to provide a solution before the word of dissatisfaction begins to travel (Lauden, K. C. and Lauden, J. P 2013, p.228) The application should prove to be a powerful tool in the future. Twitter A major competitor in the world of micro-blogging Twitter is built to keep everyone informed that is following. It is like writing a one-click instant message that gets delivered to all your friends. This application is used for several ways of communication. Some businesses use Twitter to keep customers informed about the market they are
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