Web Accessibility For Disabled Users With Disability, User Satisfaction And Online Marketing

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This report is based on secondary data collection: journal articles, websites, textbooks, and guides on users with different disability, user satisfaction and online marketing. The methodology of this report is by analysing the users with disability as potential parts to the information technology industry and identifying approaches that organisations could encourage for better web accessibility. additionally, a variety of related literatures were reviewed in order to complete and to further understand the context of the web accessibility for the disabled users. The main referred literatures and the key words are how achieving web accessibility and what are the key issues in addressing web accessibilities to develop websites for the disabled. The reviews and literatures were associated to the academic of the development of web accessibility for disabled internet users. In order to carry out the literature research, different online databases have been utilised such as the University of Wolverhampton Library, books, Web accessibility guidelines, E-books, journals and many more.
As this report exclusively based on secondary data, it will brings out limited outcomes and limits the findings and interpretation compared to primary research data collection.

Web Accessibility

The Internet is an important platform, which is enabling users with different kinds of disabilities to access information and enables them to interact effectively (Equality Act 2010).
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