Web Analytics : An Tool That Tracks Their Customers ' Habits And Behavior

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In a real store, sellers can interact with customers and watch their behavior and habits. Sellers can identify what buyers want and what they do not want. However, in an online-based business, sellers cannot ensure what their customers want or do not want, what are their habits and behavior. Thus, to simulate real world stores, online sellers should find a tool that tracks their customers’ habits and behavior in the marketplace. This tool helps sellers to define their weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, web analytics emerges to cover these aspects and enriches sellers’ appetite. Web analytics helps sellers to collect and analyze data that related to customers’ behavior in websites. One of the top famous analytics tools is google analytics that is widely utilized in many, if not all, of commercial websites. The collected data aids sellers to offer better services and products to meet customers’ demands. Also, the collected data helps sellers to focus on increasing sales volume while maintaining low operating costs. Thence, sellers should realize how google analytics works to achieve their targeted aims.
Google Analytics
Google analytics is a tool that analyzes website’s traffic and collects data about surfing behavior. Moreover, google analytics tracks users’ activities in the website (Ledford et al, 2010). Google analytics collects raw data from visitors and turns it to useful information that contributes to improving website performance (Ledford et al, 2010).
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