Web Analytics Software Tools For A Tremendous Amount Of Customer Data

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We have access to a tremendous amount of customer data these days. Even the free tools like Google Analytics give us incredible insights into where our traffic comes from and what people do on site. Yet, 80% of online retailers do not use their analytics sufficiently. Many don’t even track important actions like conversion rates and purchases. If one uses analytics only to measure the daily traffic, he is doing his self and his customers a disservice. Google Analytics has many ecommerce specific features which are not setup by default with the standard JavaScript snippet. While many shopping cart packages support Google Analytics ecommerce tracking out of the box, sometimes have to enable this feature in the admin panel of shopping cart because it involves sending Google all of your conversion rate information. One of the main benefits of having a company website is the ability to accurately measure its traffic. Web analytics software tools provide in-depth statistics on the kinds of visitors the site attracts, how much time they spend and which pages they visit most. Using this information, you can test the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, site layouts and other variables. In any case, once they have ecommerce tracking set up is when the fun begins. Here are a few things that Google Analytics will help you track. • The total amount of revenue broken down by products sold and correlated with every traffic source

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