Web Analytics Tools And The Intelligent Resource

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In many companies, regardless of their size, web analytics has been the answer to numerous questions. Through its utilization, managers have a grasp of the website, visitors and their behavior so they can be informed of what’s working and what is not. For this reason, Web analytics, to a certain extent, can drive business results. Along with its increasing popularity, there have been arguments over what should be the ratio for investment on the tools and the intelligent resource. It goes without saying that web analytics tools are valuable in gathering data across all the pages in a website and reporting it in neat graphs. However, tools today are still very limited in their capacity to recommend actions to top managers. This crucial step…show more content…
Second, most web analytics tools tend to provide a massive amount of data, but they fail to produce a meaningful overall picture for managers. Magnificent success comes from the brains behind the people who can answer business questions and not the tool which can only spew out data. To get maximum value from data captured, independent of tool, we need to drive success from the brains behind the people who will provide key insight analysis. Data is important to any business, but it is of no value to the manager if all the work only involves collecting and reporting data without the ability to drive business decisions. Web tools like Yahoo web analytics and Google Analytics are good at answering the “what” questions, for example, “what happened on this page today?” or “What was the best marketing channel last year in terms of site revenue?” It cannot be denied that this information is valuable; however, successful business decisions cannot come from these analytics tools alone. They cannot offer the insights that an analytics expert can by digging through the maze of data to find meaningful information. In a word, the Web analytics tool is only useful when it is used by a certified analytics person. However, some companies fall into the trap of data. They are
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