Web Application Attack Scenario

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Assignment 1: Web Application Attack Scenario (Student’s Name) (Professor’s Name) (Course Title) (Date of Submission) Introduction Web applications are nowadays serving as a company’s public face to the internet. This has created the need to identify threats and attacks directed to data servers and web applications. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in input validation and authentication affecting the web application in order to gain illegal access and disclose sensitive data or manipulate it to their benefits. Common threats to data systems Data systems such as the web application and data servers are faced by a number of threats, some of these threats are discussed below: Spoofing: this is a situation where computer assume the…show more content…
Denial of Service Attack: The server denial of service attack is the most risky, causing the server to crash or degrade ungracefully due to the malicious SOAP calls. Human error: Errors caused by people who get into contact with the web application or data servers either as operators or users include; accidental deletion of data, destruction of software programs, configuration or hardware error. Vulnerabilities left by the software developers in software, is another major error. This can include authentication which can be bypassed, failure to validate input and output data, incorrect implementation of encryption, escalation of privileges, and failure to handle errors correctly can be used to attack web application leading to exposure of sensitive data such as customer’s financial data. This can be used to cause fraud to the customer’s bank or credit card. Malfunction: software malfunction is mostly caused by poor development practices where security has not been built in the software development life cycle but rather incorporated at a latter phase when the software is already fully developed. By doing this, most of the vulnerabilities won’t be handled which latter leads to either crash or malfunctioning of the software, whereby the attacker has an easy time breaking into the system and causing damage or customer’s data disclosure. The greatest area of vulnerability and potential for damage or data loss of web applications and

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