Web Architecture And Components Of Web

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Web Architecture and Components LO1
Web Architecture-
Internet service Providers (ISP’s)
This is a company that provides you with access to the Internet. Common methods for doing this include phone line also known as a ‘Dial Up’ or a broadband connection either with a cable or DSL.
There are also other methods that they use, such as wireless connection.
The ISP will also determine the speed of connection to the internet. It is dependent on the exchange and physically how far away from the wires (that are responsible for the connection) you are.
Web Hosting Services-

These services allow people to make their website accessible via the internet. They provide servers to people to use for their website and they typically allocate a domain to individuals to use. However every host is only as good as the technologies it can provide to its customers.
Hosts will provide different technologies and it will be up to the user to determine what technology is best suited for their website.
These are some side technologies the some host provide customers with-
• Servers for storage of data
• Database support
• Compatibility with Scripts
• Interfaces/control panels

There are free and paid hosts
Paid hosts like Hostgator and JustHost give much better quality types of Hosting for a fee. They offer benefits of a 30 day money back guarantee, website building tools and page templates for users to take advantage off and at least 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

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