Web Architecture And Components ( P1 )

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Assignment 1: Website Performance
Web Architecture and Components (P1) 1
The role of Web Architecture in Website Communication (M1) 1
Web Protocols (D1) 1
Factors that influence Website Performance (P2, P3) 1

Web Architecture and Components (P1)

The role of Web Architecture in Website Communication (M1)
Web Protocols (D1)
Factors that influence Website Performance (P2, P3)

In P1 I will be talking about how the World Wide Web works and what is the purpose of ISPs and the web hosting services that ISPs provide for business which can be helpful for business.
I will be also talking about the domain structure for example what is involved in domain structure.
I will also mention multiple domain registration and the role of domain name registrars.

How the World Wide Web works.
It is an information system on the internet which lets documents to be linked to other documents through hypertext links, allowing the user to search information by moving from one document to another.
The World Wide Web is established on numerous different technologies that make it possible for users to find and share data through the internet. For example there are Web browsers, HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and HTML (hypertext Markup language).
The function of the web browser in World Wide Web is to display data, text, pictures animation and video on the Internet.
The purpose of the HTTP is to secure data when you are using the internet. All the data is encoded when you…
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